PlayStation 4 goed op voorraad tijdens feestdagen

PlayStation 4 goed op voorraad tijdens feestdagen

Op dit moment is de PlayStation, nog voordat ‘ie verschenen is bij ons, overal al uitverkocht. Sony is er echter van overtuigd dat de console tijdens de feestdagen goed op voorraad zal zijn. Andrew House, algemeen directeur van Sony Computer Entertainment, liet weten dat Sony haar best doet om alle landen te gaan voorzien van zoveel mogelijk exemplaren. Een flinke uitdaging, aldus House.

You try to strike a balance, particularly for us with such a strong brand in all the European countries and across the Middle East. We are ensuring that we have the broadest reach to ensure that people are satisfied, especially when they’ve been loyal to brand for so long. On the other hand, we’re not engendering frustration by having a shortage of supply. I think through the holiday season that we’ll be in good supply,.

When we choose launch dates, we do it with very careful consideration. A huge factor in our determination is where we are seeing the appropriate breadth of great game experiences. There are just some basic differences in that highly networked experiences like online multiplay has taken off to a much greater degree in the US and European markets than it has in some of the Asian markets. We paid careful attention to when we had enough confidence that we would have developed from the ground up experiences that the Japanese consumer would really respond to. That was the primary decision in pushing back the launch in Japan to a slightly later time period.

Op 29 november verschijnt de PlayStation 4 in Nederland.

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