Rockstar steekt veer in eigen poepertje

Rockstar steekt veer in eigen poepertje

Grand Theft Auto V is beladen onder goede cijfers. Pers en gamers zijn het er over eens: GTA is een fantastische game. Rockstar North-baas Leslie Benzies kon het niet laten om even een schouderklopje aan zichzelf en zijn team uit te delen tijdens een interview. Hij liet namelijk weten dat het oog voor detail en perfectie nergens zo aanwezig is als in de games van Rockstar. De industrie begrijpt het niet.

We will never ever go ‘Ooh, there’s an avenue for revenue!’. If any of us say that… we’ll go do something else. Everyone here, we sat at home aged 11 playing these games obsessively, we dreamt about making them, and here we are. I do this every day and it’s my job. A dream job.

That last five to ten per cent of work on the game makes a huge difference. This level of perfection is not seen or understood in the majority of the industry. We can all make a car drive down a street in a game, but can you do it in style? Everyone’s got characters that are walking around but can they walk?

We won’t be doing things every year in a cycle. A year just isn’t long enough to do this job. It might have been on the old consoles, but not on this. […] Obviously money is in there somewhere. There is a guy who tells us our download stuff makes this much and our disc stuff makes this much. But that’s the depth of it. That helps us decide if we’ll do download packs to re-release on disc. But really… we’ll make what we want. No, wait, don’t print that: we’ll make what people want, and that’s the truth.

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