Vier 'may the fourth' met deze extra's in je Star Wars-games

Vier 'may the fourth' met deze extra's in je Star Wars-games

Vandaag is het vier mei! Elk jaar staat vier mei voor de internationale ‘Star Wars Day’. May the Fourth be with you! En als gamers kunnen we dat uiteraard ook gaan vieren. Hoe? Lees even verder.

Star Wars Battlefront

Log-In Reward – For one day only, players who log into Star Wars Battlefront will receive 4,444 credits to use on blasters, Star Cards, or the latest Hutt Contract.
New Hutt Contract – Jabba the Hutt has a new challenge waiting for all Star Wars Battlefront players on May the 4th! Spend 3500 to 8000 credits and complete bounties to unlock the powerful Bacta Bomb Star Card which provides a health boost to you and your allies.
Origin Free Trial – If you haven’t given Star Wars Battlefront a try, the Origin team is hooking you up! Starting May 4 at 11 a.m. PT, players can visit to try the game for four hours for free and experience the different maps, game modes and missions the base game has to offer. This does not include Outer Rim or future expansion content.

Star Wars The Old Republic

Knights of the Fallen Empire Free Trial – From now through May 30, play through Knights of the Fallen Empire for free starting from Chapter 1: The Hunt. Build your Alliance and become the Outlander with a new level 60 character.
Log-In Reward – Log into Star Wars: The Old Republic between now and May 4 to collect the M4-I6 Zakuulan Astromech Droid Mini-Petin-game; don’t miss your chance to get your own Droid mini pet!
Double XP – Catch up quick with Double XP! From May 3 through May 10, players earn Double XP, Double Commendations in PvP, Double Requisitions in Starfighter and Double Legacy XP.

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

Double Drop Events – Starting April 30 to May 5, Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes will have double drop rates (excluding XP and Crystals) that players can earn each day with different game modes. The first mode to have these double rewards will be Cantina Battles. Be sure to log in to get more Credits, Ability Materials, Training Droids, Sim Tickets and character Shards.
Sale on Crystal Bundles – Only on Star Wars Day can Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes players receive 25% more Crystals when purchasing any of the Crystal packs available, limited to one of each pack, to use towards Data Cards or Shipment Crates.

Voor een complete lijst met kortingen (ook de games voor je Apple en Android-apparaten) verwijzen we je graag naar May the Fourth be with you…

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