Wederom lekken er details nieuwe Assassin’s Creed

Assassin’s Creed: Origins

PC PlayStation 4 Xbox One



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Wederom lekken er details nieuwe Assassin’s Creed

Wederom lekken er details nieuwe Assassin’s Creed

Vlak voor de persconferentie van Ubisoft lekken er opnieuw details naar buiten rondom ‘Assassin’s Creed Origins’. Game Informer heeft de game volgende maand als coverstory, maar het blad is uitgelekt. Game Informer bevestigd dat de game in Egypte afspeelt tijdens de opkomst van Cleopatra. De game is meteen in ontwikkeling gegaan na Black Flag en zal volledig geoptimaliseerd worden voor de Xbox One Scorpio. De lijst met nieuwe details:

New A.I.
No minimap but a elder scrolls type compass at top
No more sprinting button, speed depends on analog stick
Crouching is back
Story is being kept a secret
Eagle vision is a subtle pulse that highlights objects not enemies
Takes place during the ascent and reign of Cleopatra
You can climb everything in the game
Large and small cities with many landmarks including Memphis and Alexandria
The controllable eagle leak was true
NPC’s have a day/night cycle and includes time for them to eat, sleep, work, and “answer the call of nature”
Attack buttons are the right shoulder and trigger
A.I. does not take turns to attack
New combat system is more hit-box driven
As you fight, an adrenaline gauge fills up, and when both attack buttons are pressed powerful attacks are unleashed
Left shoulder button is lock on
There are treasures to find in the depths of the water (sunken ships, long-forgotten ruins)
Stat element of customization is removed
New gear system where players can improve specific parts of your gear by crafting materials
Leveling system that has a level cap of 40
There are legendary items to loot in the game
You can add blocked arrows to your inventory
You can no longer one hit enemies that are more powerful than you with your hidden blade
Buttons for free-running up and down are removed
Puzzles are back but more challenging and less switches

De game zou op 27 oktober moeten verschijnen voor PC, PlayStation 4 (Pro) en Xbox One (Scorpio)

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