Wat is er nieuw in de Definitive Edition van Recore?


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Wat is er nieuw in de Definitive Edition van Recore?

Wat is er nieuw in de Definitive Edition van Recore?

Tijdens Gamescom werd bekend gemaakt dat er een Definitive Edition van Recore gaat verschijnen voor Xbox One (X). Deze versie van de game brengt behoorlijk wat nieuwe content met zich mee, alsook een HDR, 4K upgrade. Nu gaat de ontwikkelaar in op alle vernieuwingen die deze nieuwe versie gaat krijgen. Mensen die Recore al in huis hebben krijgen een gratis upgrade naar deze versie. De Definitive Edition is te krijgen vanaf vandaag te koop.

New Adventure
“Eye of Obsidian” is a brand new chapter in the ReCore story. Join the plucky Corebot, Violet, and journey into the permanent midnight of the “Starving Sea”, a previously unexplored region of Far Eden where ancient enemies plot their revenge on the last remnants of humankind!

New Companion
T8-NK Corebot (“Tank”)

New Areas to Explore
2 New Overworlds
10 New Dungeons
Dynamic sandstorms in Far Eden’s Shifting Sands regions. Brave the storms to defeat more dangerous enemies and earn more valuable loot.

New Weapon Modes
3 new weapon modes for Joule’s Energy Rifle (switch to these instead of the charge shot)

Load Times
When dying, reload times for combat encounters went from 30-60 seconds to < 5 seconds Restarting traversals and arenas are now instantaneous (was a load before) Optimized Level/Area Load Times Prismatic Cores
Added P-Cores for additional game play rewards and made them show up on the map from greater distances
P-Core requirements fixed to a single value for the entire E-Tower. (Once you’re in the E-Tower, you no longer need additional cores.)

The Map
The Map displays everything that needs to be collected (audio logs, chests, prismatic cores)
The Map shows all visual parts of dungeon maps
Objective Markers improved
Map improvements (greater visual detail, better iconography, improved zoom functionality, more game elements show up like power cells, audio logs, etc)

Fast Travel
Fast Travel points now allow the player to complete Stash Transfers, Swap Cores and set their Companion Party Configuration without having to go back to the Sandcrawler
The player can now warp anywhere there is a Fast Travel node via the Map
Intra-Level (e.g. within The Cradle) fast travel warping is now instantaneous
Added a few new Fast Travel nodes (Granite Steps, Lonely Basin, The Cradle)

All new AoK gear for all Corebots
Armor stats now make each Set vastly different from one another & the Perks have been refined and polished
Blueprint Inventory now sorts by Armor Type, Color and LVL requirement

Improved the Combo Meter to encourage much higher combo amounts, with the ability to chain combos for a longer period of time.
At high combos (more than x10), the player now keeps some of the combo meter after using an extract!
Global weapon tuning, enemy health and damage balancing, and late game encounter improvements

Enhanced visuals (increased resolution and HDR support)
20 New Achievements and 500 gamerscore.
Increased level cap from 30 to 40
4 new bosses and Tank challenges
Various UX and Feedback fixes (Core Pulling HUD, Combo Counter feedback & wordsmithing, menu navigation)
Audio for pickups, combat feedback, rewards improved
Dialogue from Corebots and Violet is no longer in the Corebot language and is now readable

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