Project Gotham Racing mogelijk op Xbox One

Project Gotham Racing mogelijk op Xbox One

Forza is de grote racefranchise van Microsoft. Ooit was deze eer aan Project Gotham Racing toebedeeld. Het is inmiddels zes jaar sinds het laatste deel in de ‘PGR’-serie. Met de Xbox One aan de horizon is het volgens Microsoft niet ondenkbaar dat de serie terug gaat keren. Phil Spencer, corporate vice president van Microsoft Studios, kreeg de vraag of de serie nog een toekomst heeft. Zijn antwoord zegt genoeg.

Maybe. I think the Kudos system that we had in PGR was the real secret sauce. I thought that was the thing that people really loved. It had a great feel, it was there at launch, which I think was important.

I think some of the rumors around PGR were probably us working on Forza Horizon with Playground, and I think people just kind of were guessing that it was a PGR game. We talk, [Forza developer Turn 10 head] Alan Hartman and I, talk about PGR. I think we’re kind of full in the racing space right now when we think about our franchises, but I know there’s a lot of love for that franchise out there and it’d be interesting to think about what we could do.

I don’t know that we’d ever have three console racing franchises. That seems like a lot for a first party with Forza Horizon and obviously Forza Motorsport. Forza Horizon, I’d say, it’s not PGR from an arcade style, but it’s not me sitting on a circuit running lap after lap. It’s more of an open-world.

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