"Star Wars Battlefront de beste Star Wars-game ooit!"

"Star Wars Battlefront de beste Star Wars-game ooit!"

Star Wars Battlefront, de game die momenteel bij Dice in ontwikkeling is, gaat de beste game ooit zijn die in het universum van George Lucas afspeelt. Tenminste, wanneer we general manager Karl-Magnus Troedsson van Dice mogen geloven.

Historically Dice hasn’t worked on licenses that are not our own. So this is different for us. If someone came to us with another licence then we’d probably say no, but, in this case, Star Wars has a very special place in our hearts. So when the chance to work on this game came up, we grabbed it. But that comes with a different kind of dependency that we haven’t had for a long time as we’re working with someone else’s IP. But LucasFilm has been absolutely spectacular. Everyone is approaching this with the same idea – that we are going to create the best Star Wars game ever.

At Dice we are a passionate group. We always try and remain humble, which comes pretty naturally to us, but what people might not know is that we are very competitive about what we’re doing. We always want to surpass what we’ve done in the past.

We don’t shy away from wanting Battlefield to be the preferred choice in the first person shooter genre. When we approach something like Battlefront there’s only one way for us to think about it and that’s: we are going to build the best Star Wars game ever created, if nothing else because Star Wars deserves it.

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