Twitch gaat zich op consoles richten

Twitch gaat zich op consoles richten

Matthew DiPietro, vice president of marketing bij Twitch, heeft tijdens een interview met CVG laten weten dat zijn bedrijf zich in 2014 vooral zal gaan focussen op de consoles. Volgens hem is het de bedoeling dat Twitch dit jaar compleet in de PlayStation 4 en Xbox One gebouwd moet zitten om perfecte resultaten te halen. Op de PlayStation 4 zijn er al mooie resultaten geboekt.

The biggest thing on the horizon is the expansion of Twitch into the console space, generally. […] From both a broadcasting perspective and from a viewership perspective. When we launched, the genesis of Twitch was very PC-gamer centric. […] We’ve only just begun the next-generation console era. It’s in its real infant stages. The PS4 launched, what, two months ago with some broadcasting functionality baked into it. We’re seeing those numbers are astonishing, about 20 percent of our broadcaster base already, just in the last two months, is on PS4. The console gamers are so far flocking to it in that early part of the availability of next-gen consoles.

And then when Xbox One comes out, that’s gonna be really exciting too. The two consoles together with Twitch functionality could really be a true game changer for us in the future. […] Those are things that you can’t quite do at the platform level, but you can do, potentially, at the game level, at the software level. So that’s real next-generation stuff, we’ll see what happens with that, but it’s definitely an exciting possibility.

Toch blijft het niet bij de grote consoles. DiPietro geeft aan dat Twitch ook goed kijkt naar de mobiele platformen.

Mobile is a very interesting thing. The ability to broadcast from mobile platforms is sort of a next-generation broadcasting technology that we’re working on right now, which also has the potential to change, fundamentally, the business. Simply because mobile gaming is nearly ubiquitous, at least in the US. So that’ll be an exciting thing, to see how that fits into the ecosystem.

In 2013 kon Twitch rekenen op 45 miljoen verschillende bezoekers. Dit aantal zal in 2014 alleen maar toe gaan nemen volgens DiPietro.

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